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Rare bird flies in to Pyrford

A rare visitor to Britain has been attracting birdwatchers to Pyrford farmland over the Easter holidays.

The Little Bunting normally nests in Scandinavia and Russia and then migrates to South East Asia in winter. The bird was probably blown off course and is moving around with a flock of similar reed buntings.
The Little Bunting  can be seen by the eagle eyed observer in the fields next to Sandy Lane in Pyrford along with flocks of reed buntings, redpoll, linnets, chaffinches, bramblings and stock doves. Regular birdwatcher numbers have been boosted by “twitchers” travelling to the area in the hope of catching a glimpse of the rare visitor.


Birders travelled to Pyrford from far and wide to see the Little Bunting



Author: Pyrford Action Group

Residents in Pyrford, Surrey who are campaigning to keep our Green Belt fields and Open Spaces

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