Pyrford Green Belt Action Group

Saving Pyrford's Woods & Fields

Annual General Meeting 2017

Pyrford Village Hall Committee Room, Tuesday 25th April, 7.30pm.

The meeting will be informal and we hope that you will feel free to come along, have a discussion and ask questions. Light refreshments will be provided, everyone welcome.

There is a vacancy on the committee so if you think you might be interested in joining us please get in touch for further information before the meeting.


Response to Martyrs Lane Consultation

Pyrford Green Belt Action Group sent a response to Woking Council’s consultation on “Land to the East of Martyrs Lane” (aka Woodham New Town / McLaren New Town)
Pyrford Green Belt Action Group Response “Land to the East of Martyrs Lane”


Further Consultation: Q&A with Cllr.Bowes

Pyrford Green Belt Action Group asked our Councillor, Dr. Ashley Bowes, a planning expert, for help in understanding the decisions made by the Council on 20/10/16. You may have already heard that another large green belt site has been identified for possible development in Martyrs Lane, Woking. We thank Dr. Bowes for sending us detailed answers to our questions, please take the time to read them all. Continue reading

Save the Pyrford Green Belt

Online Petition to Woking Borough Council

Would you take a look and consider signing this petition please?
“Say NO to changing the Green Belt Boundary in Pyrford”
and, if you feel it appropriate, share it with friends.
Thank you

(Note: donations on the petition website go only to the petition company NOT to Pyrford Green Belt Action Group, If you wish to make a donation to Pyrford Green Belt Action Group, please contact us directly)